Qi means life energy or breath and Gong means work or practice.

Since centuries people are practizing Qi Gong for relaxation, health prevention and personal growth.

Softly flowing and strong movement exercises in combination with ancient breath techniques – breathing into the power center of the lower abdomen, the dantian.

To bring the movement „in tune“ with your breath – this effects a transformation that can make us feel the wonder ofthe unity of body-breath-spirit!

The centuries-old Qi Gong traditions from China and Tibet as well as newest scientific realizations are the basis for the exercises.

In FLOWING BREATH QI GONG I teach traditional and modern breath-movement-combination from different directions of Qi Gong in addition with awareness practices and meditation. The basis is the centuries old Qi Gong tradition and newest, scientific knowing.

“Qi Gong without the focus on breathing is only gymnastic.
– Prof. Wenjun Zhu

Trough the focused combination of breath and movement FLOWING BREATH QI GONG enables:

• to find balance between tension & relaxation
• to find concentration & letting go
• to activate inner strength, energy and consciousness
• builds up and refines awareness for your body
• prevents, decreases stress and initiates recovery

By now it is scientifically prooven that our body needs certain rythm and breath-movement-combintations to stay healthy.


Your training includes

• relaxed arrival & preliminary talk
with a cup of high quality organic tea

• learning and practicing choosen Qi Gong exercises, mindfullness exercises and breath work

• relaxation & activation


60 minutes á 50 €

2 people per hour á 70 €

Small groups starting from 3 people are possible,
price on inquiry

Contact me for a free trial lesson.


according to agreement


In my treatment space,
depending on weather outdoor on our on-site meadow.
On desire other locations are possible.

In the first session we will talk about your goals and visions. Also we will do some easy exercises to activate your inner energy. On the basis of these informations I will make a concept matching to your individual needs, that we can easily adapt to your changing needs.

It is very important to me not to press you into a „fixed program“. In constant exchange and on the basis of my knowledge your individuality and needs are always in the centre of our approach.

Additional information:

Waer comfortable clothes or sport clothes. Please bring warm socks or very flexible shoes.
For outdoors you need a comfortable and flexibel shoe e.g. a good jogging shoe.

Warm and cold drinks are provided.

Qi Gong is suitable for people of every age, almost independent of physical constitution, handicap or disease. You can talk with me via phone about possible limitations.

Please, talk to your doctor in advance!

If you decide for a package of 5 training dates
you will get a half-an-hour sound treatment with the body tambura
worth 30 € as a gift.

Give a gift coupon!

If you want to give a Qi Gong training to someone you cherish I can send you a gift coupon.

Please get in touch via contact@body-in-resonance.com .

Further Information about Qi Gong and the Dantian-Breathing

The combination of awareness, breathing and movement makes the Qi Gong exercises very powerful.

In the centre of every exercise is the deep, relaxed and energy increasing breath into the dantian (chin.: acupuncture area in the lower stomach).

Crucial in every strong or relaxed movement is the breathing as the motivation for the movement. The quality of every movement is defined by the right position and use of breath.

Under the pressure of our high performance society and personal challenges we often breath against the natural principal. Through the exercises we learn to really feel our breath and body again.

With our breath we can have direct impact on our body and change our moods. Deep and intense breathing initiates activation, balancing, confidence, clarity and serenity, stress symptoms will be eased.

For whom is Qi Gong suitable?
• easy to learn & in principle suitable for every age, gender, state of health and fitness
• can be done standing, sitting or lying on the ground. There are also exercises without visible movement
• unites the century-old wisdom of Chinese masters as well as the cultural legacy of various cultures and regions
• not bound to a specific philosophy of religion

Qi Gong compared to other sports?
Qi Gong can be very easy to pratice or challenging for your body. The focus though is not on the training of muscles and fitness like in other sports. Nonetheless, an activation of muscles and sinews as well as a general increase of fitness can be observed if your train regularly.

Was kann Qi Gong Gutes für meinen Säure-Base-Haushalt tun?
Stress und emotionale Achterbahn stören den Säure-Basen-Haushalt empfindlich!
Mit achtsamer Bewegung und bewusstem Atem wieder in Einklang kommen!

Stress, Kummer, Sorgen, negative Emotionen sorgt u.a. für eine überhöhte Ausschüttung von Adrenalin, das unser Körper in saure Abfallprodukte abbaut. Wir werden sauer und unser Körper auch!

Sanfte Bewegung wie im Qi Gong und verschiedenen Achtsamkeitsübungen unterstützt unseren Körper beim Abbau der eingelagerten Säuren, Durchblutung und Lymphfluss werden angeregt.

Bewusstes, tiefes Ein- und Ausatmen wie im Qi Gong und verschiedenen Bewegungs- und Achtsamkeitsübungen
versorgt unseren Körper optimal mit Sauerstoff. Dies fordert insgesamt im Körper die Durchblutung und Aktivitäten des Selbstregulation (Hormongleichgewicht, Verdauung etc.) sowie beim Ausatmen die Abgabe von flüchtigen Säuren wie z.B. Kohlendioxid.

Nicht unerwähnt sollte bleiben, dass eine verantwortungsbewusste Ernährung, erholsamer Schlaf, Massagen und weitere Aspekte ebenfalls positiv auf den Säure-Base-Haushalt wirken!

Which areas may Qi Gong effect?


body awareness
immune system
self perception




Letting Go
Self Awareness
Stress Reduction