Julia is an internationally trained actress and a Qi Gong coach with a degree of the Deutsche Sporthochschule Köln, Prof Wenjun Zhu. Furthermore she has a degree in chemistry.

She already acted in some German and international cinema and film productions, e.g. the lead in the touching and spiritual movie LISA UND DER MALER (aka LISA AND THE PAINTER) by Thomas Busse (lisa-und-der-maler.de).

Julia is a „sound musician“. She gives treatments for relaxation and energizing with the body tambura and creates special sound moments during concerts and on CDs. In 2014 her first meditative CD „WAVES“ got released.

She already gave various seminars and lectures in the areas of communication, motivation, healing & science, relaxation and Qi Gong as lecturer and co-lecturer.

Since she was ten Julia writes poems and paints. In 2017 her first poem book „ICH BIN DA“ (“I AM HERE”) got released. More information, extracts and order possibilities here: https://shop.juliadomenica.com/das-buch

You can check out her official Instagram profile for weekly word art posts: https://www.instagram.com/juliadomenicaofficial/

She does Qi Gong, Yoga and meditates, with little exceptions, on a daily basis.

Official Artist Website: juliadomenica.com

Shop: shop.juliadomenica.com

Current Project: juliadomenica.spreadmind.de


• Actress (nationale and internationale training, for more information pls visit www.juliadomenica.com)

• Diploma in chemistry with main focus biochemistry (Rheinische Friedrich-Wilhelms-Universität Bonn, DE)

• Qi Gong education as trainer for Qi Gong
Qi Gong for generall and specific prevention and rehabilitation at the Deutschen Sporthochschule Köln, Germany
Lecturers: Prof. Dr. Wenjun Zhu, TCM-Universität Nanjing, China,
ChinBeKu e.V. Wissenschaftliche Akademie für chin. Bewegungskunst & Lebenskultur
University lecturer: Yu Lixia

• Further training, use of measuring device and research of the topic „heart coherence“ and „HRV-Biofeedback“

• Assistence for several seminars with the topics of „positive thinking“, „meditation“, „power of thought“, „Jesus Christ“, „communication“

• Certificated further training at „Ärtzeakademie für spirituell-energetische Medizin/Geistiges Heilen“
(„Academy of Doctors for Spiritual-Energetic Medicine/Spiritual Healing“)

• Certificated practitioner of Neurolinguistic Programming/NLP (INLPTA/DVNLP)

• Experienced in dance & meditation, singing & instruments like body tambura, Buffalo drum, Lotus tambourine, percussion

Main studies in Qi Gong as general and specific prevention and rehabilitation method

Degree as Qi gong Coach at the Deutschen Sporthochschule Köln under the guidance of Prof. Dr. Wenjun Zhu and university lecturer Yu Lixia
(TCM-University Nanjing, China; ChinBeKu e.V. Wissenschaftliche Akademie für chin. Bewegungskunst & Lebenskultur)
Official degree as Qi Gong coach in 2012 but due to a special talent for Qi Gong Julia Domennica already started teaching in 2011

Qi Gong as general and specific prevention and rehabilitation method
• Dantian Qi Gong
• Zhoutian Qi Gong
• Traditional Stiles Qi Gong
(e.g. Wuqinxi-The 5 animals game, Baduanjing-8 Brocades, Yijingjing-The light muscles)
• Qi Gong for the organs
• Qi Gong for the body and parts of the body
• The 6 healing sounds
• Daoyinyangshenggon (Movements and breath exercises for life care) Prof. Zhang Guangde, Sport-University Beijing
• Qi Gong for stomach and spleen, muscles and bones, general health care, heart, kidneys, ears, head, lung, liever and gall bladder
• Exercises from Taoistic Qi Gong
• Exercises from Budhistic Qi Gong
• Daoyin Qi Gong
• Exercises from Lohan Qi Gong

Variety of Work

• single and group training Qi Gong (in German & English)
• Body in Resonance® treatments with the body tambura
• Energymanagement
• heart coherence training & information
• relaxation coaching
• seminars & workshops
• presentations