The sound worlds of the Body Tambura give a unique exoerience of relaxation.

This extraordinary body instrument enables deep relaxation by the creation of a “sound carpet”.

The special resonances, individual melody and overtones are stimulating and relaxing at the same time. the nerve system gets a “massage”, stress is reduced and inner balance and contentment can be felt.

It’s optional to place the handmade, single piece during the playing on the body or one can listen to the sounds in a meditative manner lying down or sitting. The anatomically designed bearing area of the body tambura lies light and comformtable on the body.

The human body expands the resonating cavity and therfore carries the virbation on so that a unique sound experience and a deeply effective relaxation can be experienced.


Give yourself or a beloved one an absolutely special body- and sound experience.

The work with sound can be a deeply effective support to get in contact with yourself – physically as well as spiritual-emotionally. The sound of the body tambura is created by the “coming together” of the player and the one for whom the play is. Therefore every session is totally  individual.


Your single session includes

• relaxed arrival & preliminary talk
with a cup of high quality organic tea

• the play with the body tambura

• final lingering of the sinlence

• after talk (if desired)


30 minutes á 30 €

60 minutes á 60 €


In my treatment space.
On desire other locations are possible.


Currently the following dates are availbel for sound treatments:

Wednesday between 10:00 am and 12:30 am
Friday between 5:00 pm and 8:00 pm

If you want another time just get in contact.

The body tambura gets tuned before every session, depending on the weather, I need roundabout 15 Minutes for that.
This preparation is included in the price and will be proceeded before your date so that it won’t cut down your session time.

Additional information:

The treatment will take place in comfortable clothes on a treatment coach. Please, bring war socks with you.
Sound treatments are suitable for people of every age, almost independent of physical constitution, handicap or disease. They can be used as supportive step for physical and emotional healing processes, as sensibilisation for body awareness or simply as wellness and relaxation.

Give a gift coupon!

If you want to give the sound experience to someone you cherish I can send you a gift coupon.

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The body tambura played by me was created by Bernhardt Deutz ( in a co-work of musc therapists and build in high quality. these instruments are unique pieces of special timbers.

the musical analog of the body tambura is the Indian tanpura. A traditional string instrument made of the wood from the breadfruit tree that plays a major role in the Indian culture of music, spirituality and medicine.

In scientific studies, e.g. of the Uniklinik Heidelberg, the stress hormon reducing effect of the body tambura tretaments were proofed. In studies about high risk pregnancies one found out that the situtation got eased becasue of treatments with the body tambura.  Find further interesting papers here: Studies

The meditative CD with the Sounds
of the Body Tambura

The uplifting and calming rythms and ovetones in 5 different variations for your home – available as CD or download.

Details & Order here:

The provided information and the shop details are currently only available in German. If you are interested in the CD/Download and you need details in English,
please, get in touch via .